Hello world!

Welcome to the inaugurial posting of Chiconkey.  Here you will find stories on my personal experiences about how my life has been shaped by being, well, a Chiconkey.  Chiconkey is a combination of Chicano and Honkey.  You will also find random thoughts and ramblings of how I navigate through the world(s) I live in.  Some funny, some offensive to some, but always true and with the disclaimer that I speak only from my own experiences and make no claim to being politically correct.  Life isn’t politically correct. 

This is my first foray into sharing my experiences and writing with the world, so respond kindly but honestly.  Please find other ways to express yourself than through the use of bad language.  I may add some colorful word choices from time to time, but overall I won’t tolerate it.

Here we go!  I think I’m gonna barf!


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