Ginger and Maria

My best friend’s maiden name is Maria Mendoza.  Her dad is like me – half and half.  Her mother is white.  Maria is little, blond and blue eyed.  She looks like a fairy.  I’m going to ask her if I can post her picture.  That’s why it’s funny that her name was Maria Mendoza and mine was Ginger McKim before we were married.  Not to each other.  We’re not gay, and even if we were we live in Colorado. 

Anyway, we have lots of Chiconkey things we go through and talk about.  Here is one of my favorites.  Maria, still Mendoza, went in for same day surgery that required anesthesia.  I went with her.  We were in her little room, she in her hospital gown and me sitting in a chair reading a magazine.  The nurse came in to talk to her about anesthesia.  His last name was Rodriguez I believe.  So he comes in, reads the name on the chart, looks at me, looks at her, and starts talking to me because surely the dark one MUST be Maria Mendoza.  No way the little blond one in the freakin’ hospital gown could be Maria Mendoza!  Maria and I laughed, and I corrected him.  I’m sure he will never make that kind of assumption again.


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2 responses to “Ginger and Maria”

  1. Cat Conger says :

    Ohhhhhh I love you girls soooooo much! 😉

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