Good gracious I’ve been gone a long time!  Well, glitter happens.  Geez, I last posted in August of 2012.  Since then I lost my job (it’ll be a year next month, yikes!), continued my Masters program, began rebuilding my massage therapy practice, spent a lot of time at home with my dudes, and have started to lose my mind just a little bit.  But in a good way.  After working as a Director of Education and Dean of Students for 6 bleeding years, every day that I don’t go to an office and am not anybody’s boss or in charge of major decisions that affect the lives of others – I get a little crazier.  A little more free.  A little more me.  I care less and less about what others think, and realize more and more that I gotta get on with it.

So, in that vein, I bought the domain name chiconky.com.  I couldn’t name this blog chiconky.com because a very nice lady that I have communicated with already uses is for her blog.  Her kids are chiconkys.  The term chiconky has always just stuck with me.  I feel really happy and a little “The Brain”-ish about buying it.  You know, Pinky and the Brain?  No?  Watch some Tiny Toons,..you’ll get it.  Anyways, I couldn’t believe it was available, so I really had no choice but to buy it.  I don’t know what I’m going to do with it, but it’s mine and that’s what matters.  

I have one more class to go and I’ll be done with my degree, that has to be the priority,  In the meantime, this blog will grow and change.  I’m already shifting the focus from strictly all things chiconky to my own general thoughts and experiences.  Everything about my life is colored by my chiconkiness, it’s just a given.  Hope you come along for the ride.



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