Not Hispanic or Latino

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So this is a Chiconky thing that bothered me.  I applied for a job through the State of Colorado, and this was part of the online application.  Although it clearly states that a response isn’t required, and that this info is for federal record keeping purposes only, it still bothered me.  As a Chiconky, I have been checking two boxes, Other, or Hispanic or Latino all my life.  This is the first time that I have ever encountered a set of responses that specifically stated “Not Hispanic or Latino” after EVERY SINGLE RESPONSE OTHER THAN HISPANIC OR LATINO!  Yes, I’m shouting about it because it’s bleeding weird.  Current statistics state that Hispanics/Latinos are the fastest growing minority in the United States.  Is it because many of those “new” H/Ls are really Chiconkys?  Why is the federal government now forcing me to choose between being Caucasian (Not Hispanic or Latino) and Hispanic or Latino?  It’s bullshit!  I’m both!  I’m not more one than the other, and no other ethnicity has this distinction on this application.  It even says, “Two or more races, not Hispanic or Latino”.  Wtf?


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